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Why Listen

Many people think to listen is just a 'do thing' -- instead of the key to your living life successfully. 

They are more concerned with what they 'get' and how they 'get it' than actually becoming the success they are meant to be.  The key to learning is listening, and listening with ears that really hear (discerning ears). 

The Spirit of God is the only one that can lead you to listening, to hearing, really.  If you have never heard the Spirit speak to you, then it's time for the 'deafness' that has covered your ability to hear to be removed. 

So, are you ready, to step up to really listening???

Click on the icon below and scroll down the displayed page, until you reach the text on the bottom. 

Click on the text  "Click Here to enter the Audio Bible website"

And then Click on the "Use the Audio Bible online over 72 hours of RealAudio" 

Then choose which book of the bible you want (Genesis through Revelations) and the chapter - and go for it!!! Listen daily -- Why not begin with Psalms -- they are so very real.

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Purity of Life

Chapter 2 of Genesis in verse 7 "And the LORD GOD formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul/(being)."  The definition of the Hebrew word nephesh -- is soul, self, life, creature, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion, passion

While in Genesis chapter 1 God created 'them, male and female" in OUR image, in Genesis Chapter 2: verses 18, 19 we find the detailed process of bringing forth human beings and then the 'helper' that was within and a part of Adam all the time (as in womb-man).  

Adam ( meaning man, mankind, human being), while created as male/female in one, had not been separated to be male and female.  These properties were still within the first human being - combined.  

God gave Adam, first human being, a choice first of a 'helpmate', of all the creatures created by God from out of the ground (verse 19) -- Adam (male/female still one) gave names to all the creatures - verse 20.  However there 'was not found a helper comparable to (Adam) him'.  

So then the next step began the detailed process of bringing into being what had been created in one back in chaper 1. Awesome.  Step 1 was 1 and Step 2 was/is 2!  

In Genesis 2:23 there is a very important insight as to Adam/man's reception of his helper:

"And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Womb man because she was taken out of Man."

So we did NOT come from apes --  apes have different bones from human bones, and different flesh than humans..

Now reread this s l o w l y - and take notes.

 - Pure Life

PURE LIFE or PURITY OF LIFE is explained in the Kingdom Dynamics of the 1991, Holy Spirit Bible:

Purity of life IS

  • A quest for LIBERATION (as in to be free indeed)   

Purity of life is not

  • A quest for perfection (as in performing 'right')

Go check out what 'quest' means and put those words in place of quest -- work the words until the definition of PURE LIFE means something to you!!!

Check out Once there click on VIEW PRESENTATION -- You will be blessed, blessed, blessed!!!    

Then come back here and re-read the information provided.  Do this as often as it takes for you to see, to come to know a part of the truth of who you are to be, in this life.