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New Season

The 'year' time is upon us.  What have you learned over this past year?  How is your relationship with Abba/Daddy/God -- do you have one??  Or are you still faking it; you know smiling and grinning and wishing and hoping.  Or snarling and fighting and spitting and bitting --??  Times change, and it's time now for you to learn and grow.  A new season is upon you.  One you have been prepared for.  And now you get to choose what you've read about and listened to!  Oh Yea!  A little nervous are you??? 

Well you should be.  Maybe you're excited?  You should be, too.Ready to rock and roll?  Let's do this!!! 

Whatever you feel like, put all feelings and thoughts aside and get real with God.  A quiet time, just come to God and begin the journey to know Who God is to you and Who You are to God!  Yea!

No, I'm not crazy! Ha!  I'm just excited for you.  You are one in a million or maybe it's a thousand or a hundred -- no matter, you are the one here and now.  And life is about to expand and deliver your dreams and hopes and more!  True!  God does not lie and He is the Promiserl.

So step up and meet the one who created you and who is waiting to meeting you, do it, now.

Get ready for your new season and get ready to fly!

Slow Down and Listen

Your body and soul are speaking to you always, in many ways, at all times during the day and 24/7.  Are you listening?  This is the question.  Not reacting to the 'symtoms' but listening to the root of whatever is plucking at you.  When it's all said and done, are you clueless about what is happening and what to do?  I know, been there, done that!

So what does slowing down and listening have to do with the new life you can choose to have? 

If you choose, you can accept the new life that God, your creator has for you, and become a son or daughter of God, now.  Just like in a movie I saw, you can take the red pill and WAKE UP and live life.  By choosing to accept new life, you are taking the first step on the most exciting journey ever.  Just say outloud:

Father, I accept my new life in Jesus.  Thank you for waiting and for making a way for me to have new life, in Jesus.  So be it=Amen.

Now, just breathe deeply.  And for the answer to those 'questions' that may be screaming at you -- like those nasty twins in the 2nd movie, Jesus is not about any particular religion - nope!  Jesus is about God's answer to all your questions about who you are and what is life? 

Jesus, do you know what this name means?  In a study I did years ago on this name, I was amazed at what was revealed to me.  Jesus means 'God with us, within us, revealed in and through us'.  Hmm.  Accepting Jesus is accepting The All Knowing, All Powerful, Creator as 'WITH YOU, WITHIN YOU AND REVEALED IN & THROUGH YOU!

Choosing (or as it is put most of the time - accepting) Jesus is taking the red pill, and WAKING UP TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE!   


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Adding Fun

As you look in a mirror


Repeat several times.

Tell you that you

 Love you!

Repeat as often

as necessary.

As you breathe in,


As you breathe out, rest.

Do this seven times

and then be still for

a while.

Giggle and laugh,

at nothing

in particular

And at everything

 - even the pain...

Just because you

want to!!!

  Love You.